Disguised Coffee

I’ve never been a huge coffee fanatic but when I have that cup of special/delicious brew, here’s what happens: The jitters and singing of broadway numbers.

Hearing lots about the wonderful branding and flasks from Revolver Coffee, I had to check it out. Strong caffeine gives me terrible headaches but their cold coffee that comes in a lovely reusable bottle was just the right amount of flavour and boldness. Clean, refreshing and with hits of roast, move over Stumptown cold brew! The lovely atmosphere was warm yet industrial but full of love! These people are truly passionate about coffee where it comes down to a science. The branding is a perfect representation of the simplistic purity of coffee and coherent. So if you like high ceilings and people watching from a large window with a side of coffee, cake, and indie music, Revolver is the place to head!

P.S. they have a delicious baked goods too! Try the chocolate cake with the cold brew!

325 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC V6B1H7


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