There’s Always Time For Ice Cream: Earnest Ice Cream

A secret that I will share with you: I ate ridiculous amounts of candy as a child and by the ripe age of 7, I already had 8 cavities (that and I refused to brush my teeth). My parents were furious but I think they did a wonderful job in the end!

My desire for sweets has now morphed into a love for baked goods and “gourmet” concoctions.

Earnest Ice Cream
Who needs boring ice cream from the supermarket when you can have amazing flavour explosions from Earnest. They’re small but deadly. This summer, they’ve showed up mainly at events or farmers markets but you can also pick up a pint at Woodland Smokehouse and Comissionary otherwise. I was able to try they’re unique Smoked Peach with Almond, which blew my mind! There was lovely texture from the almond slivers that really complimented the smooth creaminess. The peach was refreshing but rather than just rich. At first, smoke hits your tastebuds then the boldness of the toasted almonds lingers as it is followed by refreshing peach. There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing there’s copious amounts of love in you’re ice cream.

I was able to try some mint chip at the Terminal Main st. Farmers market and man was it delectable! I believe they used 70% dark chocolate chunks and a light mint flavour. Thank goodness it wasn’t the terrifying green that you usually get! Refreshing, satisfying and a perfect transition from summer to autumn.


Where can you buy Earnest Ice Cream?
Woodland Smokehouse
485 Commercial Drive

Harvest Community Foods
243 Union Street

Cocoa Nymph
3739 West 10th Ave (at Alma)

Vancouver Farmers Markets
Check out Facebook and Twitter for which markets they are attending!


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