Cartems Donuterie

Cartems Donuterie
I now understand why offices usually have donuts and/or beer, there always needs to be a pick me up or something to munch on. Working in Gastown has begun to push on the pounds from the weekly donuts but I’d like to think it doesn’t matter anymore. Anyway, Cartems is worth every “calorie” if you’re into that sort of thing. These aren’t your usual fried donuts but most of what Cartems has are moist, flavourful cake donuts. From the top left, we have Salted Caramel, their famous Earl Grey, Bacon Bourbon. I didn’t have the caramel but you can never go wrong with earl grey. In every bite, the aroma of tea flows through your tastebuds as one usually salivates for more. It’s floral, bold but more cream earl grey overall. Bacon Bourbon was nice but not my favourite. I am not a huge alcohol drinker but I was not able taste the bourbon and I felt that the bacon could have been more of a smoked type than pure salt. Not my favourite but I have a few lovely gentlemen who love it!
From the bottom left we have the Peach, The Campfire, and The Bee Sting. Peach was refreshing as usual but it didn’t have enough of a peachy “fuzzy” flavour. One of my other favourites is the Campfire because it’s essentially a s’more in donut form. Each time I have it I am brought back to the toasty fire where I’m nibbling on graham crackers and filling my mouth with as many marshmallows as possible. The bee sting…gorsh it is phenomenal! It’s honey based but is covered with parmesan and cracked black pepper. The contrast of each flavour works together and you’re first hit by the pepper and then the sweetness of the donut and the savory of parmesan floats when you’re wanting a second.

408 Carrall Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2J7
(Carrall at Hastings)
Monday – Friday 10am til 6pm, Saturday 11am til 6pm, and Sunday 11am til 5pm


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