[Food Truck Adventure] Tacofino Cantina

I have never been a huge fan of tacos. I never saw how amazing everyone said they were. Usually they’re the same old thing, but of course you can say that for everything.
Tacos are messy and not necessarily filling but I think I am beginning to reconsider.


I heard about how amazing Tacofino is but never had an opportunity to try it until today. A beautiful sunny hot Vancouver day.

Sadly they were out of the albacore tuna so I settled for the ling cod fish taco. What can I say? My mouth is too full of food anyway but it was phenomenal.


The lightly seasoned cod is tempura battered and fried. The lovely golden batter is a shell for the tender and flavourful white fish that seems to melt in your mouth. The lime adds great tang the compliments the light chipotle mayo and you end off with the refreshing tomato, lettuce and onion. The shell is lightly grilled so it has texture but is still soft. I can’t wait to try the other ones. At $4.50, it’s not the cheapest light lunch but the quality makes it worth it.


Since I’m such a sweet tooth, I couldn’t resist their infamous diablo cookie. A decadent chocolate cookie laced with chili, ginger, a hint of salt and chunks of milk chocolate is just a treat. The surprise of spice hits you at the end and I’m not a fan of spicy foods but the chocolate is the perfect companion to chili. Highly recommended.


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