California, Ahoy! (2011)

(Oh my word! Thinking about bengiets from Thierry’s reminded me of San Francisco last July…I completely forgot about my draft blog post BUT HERE IT IS!! It’s about the experience, not the timing.)

(Video of San Francisco landing)

It’s always difficult to maintaining eating habits when on vacation. It never really occurred to me until this trip that I love to eat, Way too much. Considering the fact that at every turn you were able to find something unique was amazing.

Heading down to San Francisco for my second time, I decided to focus on food rather than anything else. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to eat any street food for I honestly couldn’t find any of them. Next time Chairman Bao, I’ll get you!

Fortunate enough a girlfriend and I went to Palo Alto instead for their Monday food festivities. The Edgewood Plaza Food Festival was something pretty great. I didn’t get a chance to try Kara’s Cupcakes but I heard much about the s’more option. Delicious.

At Old Pot Seafood Shack, their Maine lobster roll was $16 and not worth the price. Being highly unsatisfied, you were given fried bread with a lobster salad mix. With a light salad taste and a hint of lobster, It was pretty unique for a food truck idea but would be better if it were hot filling less than $16. It seemed so promising but it was just mayo and lobster between fried bread. You could’ve at least used brioche instead of white bread but hey, other people loved it so maybe you will too.

Brenda’s Soul Food:

Chicken, sausage okra gumbo:

A hit of spice but a smooth spicy not heck death, spicy but clean  The gumbo itself ist too salty but combined with rice/sausage, great balance. Take that hit of scallion and man this is great. $3.50/cup

Beignet flight:

Plain- lightly fried and crispy with wonderful granulated sugar and powder sugar, so airy
Apple: tart apples that have a hint of citrus it seems and a strong cinnamon to it. It’s like a mini apple pie without the heavy sugar
Chocolate- using Ghirardelli chocolate, the rich combination of milk and bitter chocolate is amazing. Look out pan Au chocolat
Crawfish- smokey cheese with moist crawfish leaves a spicy after effect.reminds me of ham and cheese croissant but with spicy and scallions  To die for. Favorite

Creole seafood frittatas  with hash and biscuits.

Real buttery hash just like home. Biscuits a tad too buttery, pine state still wins. Very fresh seafood that’s light and goes really well with the 6 egg omlette. Super generous with crawfish and cheese. $12.75. Too much eggs in a day but hey, soul food never gets this amazing as I know. Get here early! 8-3 are their brunch hours on the weekends but it was worth the 2 hour wait!

Not everything was attractive but Armadillos Texas was face blowing. Their ribs, amazing! Tangy BBQ sauce and rich balance of lean and fat on the bone. The succulent pull and the rich taste of soft, textured meat. Just what I needed to cure a terrible day of commuting and disappointment. 2 bones $4, honestly not the cheapest thing around but sometimes it’s okay to go all-out.

Breakfast at a small french bakery, you can never go wrong! La Boulange hits you with wafts of croissants and coffee and what better way to start a long day than to have yourself a big bowl of oatmeal yogurt and some canneles?

What is a summer day without delicious ice cream made with liquid nitrogen? Smitten is the place to be! Located next to a lovely park  and near by a small bookstore, I had their incredible spring herb ice cream. Mint, Basil, Thyme, and Rosemary…BOOM!

Enough with the bay area as we move into Los Angeles for one day. Literally. After a couple of days of 1 hour commutes to the San Francisco bay area, I flew to L.A just for the Tim Burton exhibition. I missed it once before in NY and I’d be damned if I missed it again! As I was required to wait 2 hours before going in, I decided to grab lunch from the conveniently parked food trucks across from the LACMA.

I had the ever lovely Rebel sandwich, who offers a new Asian twist on the classic grilled cheese. I ordered the Rebel Snowball, which was consisted of a mild cheese and kimchi with the “snowball” or more commonly known as pork. The sweet & sultry heart attack offers huge flavour and satisfaction. Stringy cheese with a slight kick with sweetness of tomatoes. The slight tickle of kimchi and the gratifying texture of fried bread. Shout out to the super sweet guys but if they’re not kind, still ask for a sticker! Although I promised the Rebel truck they were the ones I’d nom, I couldn’t help but go for a couple of unique tacos. Just a couple trucks down Komodo had a large crowd of office workers.

Komodo 2.0

Spicy kick melds well with the sweet corn salsa. The meat is nice and tender while the last bite of radish cleans the palette. A fresh tortilla always makes a difference. Fish n grapes: salty fried Alaskan black cod and the grape salad is phenomenal. Clean, simple and satisfying. Agains, temperature combos are my fav! Their nectar was a little too sweet for my liking.


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