Girls Night Out @Theirry’s

Hanging out late night after work can never be without a visit to Thierry’s on Alberni st and Thurlow-ish.

20120213-210310.jpg(courtesy of Disney)

I’ve been here countless times but it’s their first time with beignets! I LOVE beignets!! Ever since Princess and the Frog I was craving them! (yes, I am heavily influenced from movies and T.V)

At Theirry’s they make their beignets fresh to order and come with either chocolate or raspberry sauce. The warm dough is rich and soft with a soft puff of powdered sugar. It goes well with their spiked hot chocolate if you’re looking for warm excitement. Still, I love the ones from Brenda’s French Soul Food in San Francisco but this is still great! We need more beignets in Vancouver.

For the passionfruit mousse, it’s tangy with a lingering sweetness from the macaroon shells (mm refreshing). The airy mousse has a light sponge base and tastes like femininity. I’m not huge on passionfruit but I am in love with tartness! Love it and it’s what a dessert should be! (overly sweet=no go)

Thierry’s has beignets du carnival until February 21st. I really think they should have it all the time! they’re open from 9 AM-midnight


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