Ripe: An Autumn Harvest Feast

Last weekend was the Ripe feast at the Creekside Community Centre at Olympic Village. First time caller, long time listener~ It was $65 per person and it supported the Vancouver Farmers Markets in improving the organization and promoted the use of local fresh ingredients.

The marvellous appetizers were provided by Vij’s Rangoli, Meat & Bread, Campagnola and Swallow Tail Supper Club. Everything offered was divine and extremely rewarding for a clear Sunday evening. The sit down dinner was done by Save-on-Meats and Tacofino. I could safely say that this was such a feast by epic proportions. We forget that we have so many various resources around us to make such amazing foods. Yes, it costs more to buy those ingredients but when you think about how you’re support the local economy, that should change your mind; besides, organic local is the best that it can get!

Here was the list:



Pickled Eggplan, Ricotta and Olive Tanpenade Bruschetta(front)


Spicy Sauteed Tomatoes, Onion and Homemade Paneer served on a Potato Baguette (back)

Meat & Bread:

Braised Lamb Shoulder with Moroccan Spices, Eggplant Puree, Pickled Cabbage, Labna and Pea Sprouts (Definitely my FAVOURITE)

Swallow Tail Supper Club:

Wild Mushroom Pate with Chanterelle, Porcini and Shitake, Toasted Hazelnuts and Arugula Wrap served with Orange Squash Chips. (I’ve fallen in love with Chanterelle mushrooms thanks to the Farmers! I can’t get enough of them! Mmm Chanterelle gravy…)

Here’s dinner! So much delicious food! Tacofino, Save on Meats and desert provided by My Little French Bakery? But man were the sweets delicious! We have such amazing talent/skill in Vancouver!

You can join in on the fun too! @VanMarkets on Twitter! OR their website. See you next year!


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