The Glimpse of a Life in Portland

Year 2 of summer vacation in Portland and I love it even more. It has become the yearly tradition that my partner and I head down for books, Trader Joes, Walmart and all things delicious. This year we decided to go through AirBnB to find an apartment with a great kitchen. For $68/night, we stayed next to Portland State University which is a 15-20 minute walk into the downtown core. Pretty sweet if you ask me. We decided to rent a car and what better excuse than the rent a little Fiat! I swear, it was as if Americans have never even seen/heard of it. Our fast little copper car was the talk of the town and it was so great to see only a handful of them around town to the point where we all waved and chatted with each other.The only negative thing was the adventure for parking and excess of no turning signs (in the downtown anyway). In any case here are the highlights of the amazing food that we had.

Pine State (a must go for the wonderful biscuits and fried chicken)

The Reggie: Rich and meaty~ the salty gravy with the peppery chicken…way too amazing

The Southern Biscuit with pulled pork: not my fave but hey how southern can you get

Brunch Box (the typical for crazy heart-attack sandwiches)

A custom burger with cheddar and blue cheese combo from Whole Foods—they were so excited to make something different and man was it delicious! That rich blue cheese melded perfectly with the aged cheddar. Yum!
The good ol’ traditional ridonkadonk. Two grilled cheeses, two patties, a fried egg, bacon with extras of lettuce and tomato just to make myself feel better. Ridiculously addictive and delicious!The Monstrosity: All meat all the time! Well most of the time…this was way too much and when you’re getting a grilled cheese as buns, use cheddar rather than swiss!

The Flying Scotsman (love in every chip)

It really felt like love in every bite! Crispy and lightly battered fish and chips the way they do it on the British Isles…or at least that’s what they say.

The homecooked meal with local ingredients

Fresh Lemon Parsley pasta from Pastaworks with local baby tomatoes and amazing bison sausage from Chop butchers in a white cheese sauce.

Another really great thing about having a car is that we can go to Costco, which is only 15 minutes away for cheap roasted chicken! So what as on the menu? Things like Chicken and Country Pate sandwiches, Chicken and pasta or chicken and rice. When it comes to veg, kale and spinach was the best choice.

Voodoo Donuts (absolute madness)

Classic voodoo with raspberry jelly for extra death effect

Captain Crunch with crazy frostingFruit Loops galore!Oh to be Canadian and how we love our maple syrup and bacon-clearly the everyday donut!

Portland Soup Company

Cheddar soup…a little sour but rich with cheese flavour! I can’t handle a whole bowl though…

And now I leave you with one of the random horses along the sidewalks of NW 23rd Avenue. Oh Portland how I love you.


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