Eat Together

Last week I was able to assist with food prep  at my brother and his partner Ellen’s new project, Eat Together.

What is Eat Together?

“Is what happens when you put two cooks, an urban organic farmer and nine guests in Tin Can Studio, a shiny mobile project space.
Eat Together is a secret dinner for nine aimed at bringing together people for a good time and highlighting locally sourced organic ingredients harvested only a few hours before they’re served. Hosted in Tin Can Studio, the dinner will be popping up all over the city and is dedicated to being a summer hideaway serving delicious seasonal suppers monthly.”

It’s about sharing a conversation as well as a meal with 8 other strangers, 9 including yourself. The idea is to sit down with a glass of wine at hand and a well executed french-inspired meal. Held in the Tin Can Studios, “The converted trailer has become a mobile, multi-functional space that pushes the expectations of the studio, gallery and in this case, a place to dine. While it’s the key ingredient for creating a memorable experience for guests, its a chance for me to live out the boyhood giddiness of finally finding out what can put in a Streamline trailer.”

The ingredients used are all local and within 100 miles of the cooking location. It’s pretty amazing to know that there are bee farmers and vegetable growers a couple blocks away! I recently started looking into local farmers and what they have to offer. By golly did I discover a mountain full! I’ve met amazing people thus far and I cannot wait to see who else has amazing tips for me and visa versa.

This time for Eat Together, the menu had Tess’ baby zucchini, beets, red currants, and home made gnocchi.

Take a peak at their website and perhaps get your name onto the list for some great laughs and delicious food!


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