If I Were In a Shanghai Kitchen?

Earlier this year, I bought a flight to shanghai for my parents as a “thank you for everything” type of gift. It’s tines like these when I wish I either went with them or just went there myself. I’ve never been on vacation with my parents but someday before they’re gone would be nice. If I did go…I would probably come back 100 pounds heavier! Yum!

On a sunny summer’s day it seems almost absurd to eat hot food but being in Kerrisdale, how could you resist. Instead of Sunday high tea we went to Shanghai Kitchen on West Blvd and 41st. They recently just opened and the amount of people seemed promising. The nice part was their window for viewing how they made their food. Their focus is handmade noodles and Shanghai dumplings

@Shanghai Kitchen

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Pan-fried hand pulled seafood noodles:

This tastes like a traditional Chinese restaurant. There’s enough fire to it and the noodles are tender and covered in flavor. It’s a tad oily but that’s the flavor that you expect when you eat outside of the house because you can’t really achieve it at home. The seafood is tender and not chewy and they don’t skimp on the amount. Delectable.

Green onion pancake:

Doesn’t look nor taste like my mom’s cooking but it’s flaky and soft. It’s a tad too salty for my liking but I’m used a heck load of green onions and hardly any salt but that’s probably because I was a spoiled kid when it came to delicious home cooked meals.

Pork Shanghai dumplings:

When I knew they had shanghai dumplings, I had to try them. As a kid my parents would buy them from this little Shanghai lady in Chinatown and man were they delicious. I’m compassion, my childhood taste-buds were different but these are very similar. The juice broth inside keeps the dumpling warm and adds a great flavor to the pork inside. You can tell they’re handmade because the outer dough is smooth and the right thickness. The method is to use fatty pork+oil and that helps with the juices when steamed. Not childhood but hey it’s great.

Overall I had a good time although most of the time I was writing this post and taking photos. I always feel terrible for the people eating with me…BUT I was pretty satisfied with this meal. In my own opinion, I felt that everything was a tad too salty but that’s probably because of my sensitive palette. If you’ve never had Shanghainese food, give it a try! If you’re not in the Kerrisdale area, there’s a really great place on Broadway/Granville called “Lin’s Chinese Cuisine and Tea House”- you can see them make your food but it is pretty great there too.


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