Just a Classy Lunch Date at Save On Meats

Really, this place is AMAZING! I was always so terrified to go near Save On Meats before but the restoration has changed everything. The now 50’s-esque diner caters to the young and old alike. This idea of making everything from scratch seems as if it were a new idea. Now before I get carried away..Let’s talk food!

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As most people know, when you head to a “famous” restaurant, you have to have the signature! In this case it would be the

Save On Meats Burger

which was at the low low price of $6.00!
This burger is serious! Sure, it’s not your fancy, kobe beef with foie gras but this burger is all about the taste of home. The made-fresh-daily-in-house bread is fluffy and has this beautiful crusty layer atop airy substance. The meat and tomatoes just melt in your mouth~ Mm juicy meat is always the best. It has a great combination of fat and meat. I wish it had more bacon and perhaps an applewood smoked would make it but thats just my weakness for bacon. To be frank, if you were to pay me in bacon, I would gladly agree…ALL IN THE BANK! The couple leaves of lettuce adds freshness and the last bite of bread makes me crave more. I hardly ever eat the ends of my burger since there isn’t meat left but man..this bread is all the rage! Plus that hint of mayo. Clean, satisfying with the amazing price tag. Really, I cant get enough of this bread!!

On the side I also ordered a chive cheese biscuit. Being a huge biscuit connoisseur, I had huge hopes for it. I had it once before but it was cold and wasn’t as amazing as it was hot. This is definitely like a scone. I love my southern biscuits but I could get used to this. The crispy outside and fluff center filled with chive goodness. The cheese really stands out, which is great because usually anything with cheese either doesn’t have a nice quality cheese or it just tastes like salt. For $1…oh yeah you bet!

And what’s a wonderful like without some dessert?

Classic Banana Split

Although I was full, I couldn’t resist the urge of childhood. Remember when you used to sneak to the freezer and take a giant scoop of ice cream? Or the time when your parents gave you the reward of making a banana split? Well this is it! Nothing extremely special like pure nostalgia. For $5, it shows your you’re not that child anymore but one who can afford others to make you dreams (?)

Totaling to $25 before tip feeding two people…that’s pretty amazing.
I know I’ll be back…I can feel the delicious homestyle food flowing through my veins right now!!

P.S. You MUST try their chocolate chip bacon walnut cookie…just sayin’..


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