Fresh | Local | Wild

It’s that time again for another delicious food truck adventure.


Fresh, Local, Wild:

Hastings and Burrard. A elegant truck with a great idea. It serves sustainable and local fish and is worth every penny. They even have a little table for seating at the back of their truck. Genius! Now all you need is a beer at hand.



Today was fish&chips day but I had to go for the

Seared albacore tuna melt:

$8.50 (before tax). Best tuna melt I’ve ever had!! There’s a tuna melt or there’s a TUNA MELT from Fresh, Local, Wild. Sweet and textured with melted rich smoked cheddar. The bread is crispy and not overly oily. There’s a hint of sweet peppers but the tuna is divine. Sweet and lightly seasoned, the tuna definitely is the star rather than the cheese. Don’t you just love layers? I’m not even a huge fan if tuna! This has really got me reconsidering.


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