Edible Flours

Man, on a lovely day you can’t help but enjoy some lemon water and a great doughnut. It was one of those days where it’s your friend’s birthday and you felt bad that they had to work. What better way to hopefully make part of a day by giving the gift of delicious (and healthy) baked goods.

I ordered some custom cupcakes (Lemon with Chocolate frosting and Chocolate with Maple frosting) for my friend’s birthday and they were absolutely divine! They were able to do a rush order in 2 hours and they were fresh out of the oven!  For $3/cupcake, they’re pretty amazing for quality! In any case…..


Whole Wheat Vanilla Chocolate Vegan Donut.

Rich moist and perfect sweetness. It’s has this beautiful chocolate richness but not overwhelming. I was skeptical on the texture but man is it fluffy. For $1.75, hands down to die for 10/10. You can have you donut and not feel guilty so go ahead and indulge. Definitely will be back for more.

Visit edible flours website for their menu. They’re located on 2280 West Broadway.

P.S: Happy birthday JJ! ❤


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