Roaming Dragon

On my way to pick up my things for the Sun Run, Roaming Dragon just so happened to be parked right outside of the tents. I’m usually not one to eat Chinese food out, let alone Chinese food from a truck but braised pork sliders were what reeled me in.

Super friendly owner and definitely a recommended place. P.S they won an award for best food truck for Vancouver magazine 😉


Chinese Pork Sliders

$3 for the pekish

Very Momofuku esque. Crispy braised pork with pickled cucumber. Tangy meets the right kind of saltiness. The soft man tou bun could’ve been warmer but hey it’s windy. Overall: 8/10. Definitely would return. Could use a little more fat in the meat for extra juicy-ness 😉


Korean Short Rib Taco.

Could be real awesome on a naan or thicker tortilla. the spiciness is right and isn’t too over powering. Not bad 6.5/10


Roaming Dragon Pork Sub.

Fresh cilantro. Great radishes. Tangy pickles that gives it some nice layers. Bread could be crispier but not bad. Nice thinly cuts of fatty pork that’snot too over powering with heavy fat. sweeeet 9/10

Take a visit to Roaming Dragon’s Website.

Happy noming!


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