Brasserie Mystère

I had the great opportunity to partake in the amazing Brasserie Mystère in Yaletown (a while back now) and I have finally had the chance to post my photos and “review”.

A little about the event, it was a soire hosted by Kronenboug that was filled with amazing food, great service and unlimited beer. It took place February 10th 2010 and things have been hectic since then.

Now for the photos and terrible note reviews.

Pork rinds: malt vinegar with spring onion: very crispy and fresh. Malt vinegar adds a nice kick to it that makes it less “heavy”. Delicious

Olives and anchovies: nice mild olive with an interesting saltiness of the anchovies. Not my favorite but interesting to taste

Onion tart with creme fraiche:
Solid tart dough. Not too flaky but a great buttery taste that really works with the caramelized onion topping. The richness and balancing taste leads me wanting more.

Crab salad:
Delightful spicy surprise with a lovely texture of potato. The cilantro is strong and refreshing. When paired with the orange, absolute integration and stages of taste. Strong initial saltiness but is tempered with the crispy potato

Tender and soft with beautiful texture. Great beef flavour. Velvet heaven, hickory and a slight mustard and wine. Tender potatoes very buttery and rich but satisfying. Lemon zest/cilantro adds a nice element to the beef making the beef more welcoming rather than overwhelming with meat. Pairs well with the carrots and the sweetness brings out the beef flavour. Bacon brings more of the hickory and adds a nice saltiness to the mild beef. Amazing

Kronenboug 1664 blanc
Wheat light and grapefruit with apricot. Clean freshing great with desert or a meat dish to lighten a heavy dish

Vanilla meringue with citrus: very light and not dense. Simple sweetness but not overpowering.
Yogurt panacotta. Sour but refreshing for the palette tarte but meshes perfectly with the meringue. Wonderful texture smooth but crispy and light. Lovers of grapefruit, welcome to paradise. Wonderful end to an amazing evening.


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