Market by Jean-Georges

Finally after so long, I finally had a chance to go for lunch at

Market by Jean-Georges

at the Shangri-La Hotel in Downtown Vancouver.
Walking into a very sophisticated decor, we sat in the “lounge” area, which was probably just as beautiful as the dining room.

Truffle pizza

  • Beautiful crust first taste fontina cheese with the after taste of truffle.
  • Light almost earthy
  • Smooth texture handmade fancy
  • Leaves a very rich taste but not guilty

Yuzu cherry soda

Strong yuzu which I love and usually I don’t like soda but this is exquisite. The secondary cherry flavour was a classic but refreshing with yuzu

Artic char

  • Softly rich puréed mash potatoes with strong truffle oil
  • Fatty char
  • Combine withpoatoes brings out fish taste
  • Brussel sprouts ease the fishes adds a fresh and balancing texure sweetness
  • Amazing

Chocolate pudding

  • Rich creamy and not overly sweet
  • Whipped cream adds the lightness and crystalized violet petals floral of course and littl nerds taste
  • 63%? dark gives illusion of a mousse when combined with whip (obvious again)
  • Surprising choclate sponge cake bottom simple an adds the sweetness

love their texture play for all dishes
Love their constant contrasts in everydish whether texture or flavour
Service very great in terms of the ability to be young and formal thoughtful


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