Guu Garden Izakaya

I’ve been a fan of the numerous Guu’s around Vancouver and I’m glad to say that each one is unique. In terms of atmosphere, types of patrons, and above all the food.
Being a sucker for tapas and Dyson hand-dryers, I have been to Guu Garden many times and have finally decided to catch up on my eating endeavors.

Uni octopus wasabi with nori:

Absolutely stunning! A very refreshing taste followed by the creaminess of uni (sea urchin) and crunchiness of octopus. The wasabi was a real surpriser/kicker. A little messy to eat but definitely something new. If you’re not a wasabi fan, don’t try it.

Saba miso:

I am by far more of a fish fan than meat. Marinated in miso and grilled the sweetness of the fish stands out and blends perfectly with the miso. The meat falls off the bone and with the grilling, the crispiness doesn’t take away from the tender and juicy fish. Not to mention that it is pretty large for what you would expect from an oden (Japanese hot pot) menu

Yuzu Collins

Well the usual tom collins takes a spin around the Japanese block to make a new and extremely refreshing yuzu collins. Yuzu is a citrus fruit from Japan and is now widely used in many various cuisines. I’m a huge sucker for citrus and this hit the spot. Like many cocktails, you can’t taste much of the alcohol until you reach the bottom but they cleverly added yuzu rinds, which adds texture and a slight bitterness.

Cream korokke with seafood mousse:

One of the best things I’ve had at all the Guus combined! This marvel of a cream korokke contains, of course cream, corn and carrots. Piping hot, it sits atop a cold seafood mousse, which tastes more like lobster/crab bisque but airy and light. You split open the korokke and dip it into the mousse and there you have it. A perfect combination of mild cream with a heavier taste of seafood mousse. The coldness of the mousse gives you a chance to eat the korokke while it’s still hot and fresh. Stunning


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