Hurrah for new openings! Hopefully this doesn’t sound like an advertisement!

Sitting in a modern space filled with the aroma of baked goods, you’re filled with coffee, brioche, and lively music.

Bon Chaz, a new bakery on West Hastings right next to a major bus stop, is known for its brioche buns with filling.

Paired with a french pressed coffee pot, the choice of a banana walnut brioche and coffee butter brioche sit on the table. You’re able to request less sweet or the original. Customer service is superb and very “personal”.

The sweetness of the bun when paired with coffee is perfect. Much like a cinnamon bun, the brioche from Bon Chaz is nicely baked and the coffee brings out more of the taste in the coffee butter bun. A crispy outer layer and the softness of the brioche is a great compliment and can compare to the traditional chinese pineapple bun (bo lo bao). The hint of sea salt gives that edge and like their recommendation, it’s best with coffee. Personally I like the banana walnut because there’s more of a crunch rather than soft.

At $2.00 per bun and $4.00 for a personal french coffee press, this is a nice way to spend a quick snack or even (like me) finish up on assignments. They offer free wi-fi and although the seats are currently empty, I’m sure that when they update their flavour list, it will be the place to spend time rather than the normal Waves Coffee.

Definitely a place to come back to!

Bon Chaz
426 W Hastings Street
7:00 am – 3:00 pm


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