Mix the Bakery

On a drizzly day in the rainy city, it’s always nice to sit in a warm quaint cafe and plan your projects.

Today on my 3 hour break between classes I decided to trek near UBC (sasamat area) and try out the long awaited MIX the bakery.

Taking my dear friends suggestion, I ordered their tuna waldorf and a traditional lemon tart

Tuna Waldorf:

A tuna sandwich with garlic apple dill and a little bit of celery+spinach. You could see craisens but the flavour didn’t come through. All on a toasted multigrain baked in-house.
Evident garlic which I love but almost wished there was more apple. Apple brings out a sweetness in the tuna/mayo. Nuts adds a nostalgic feeling. Dill adds a nice new twist. Bread a really beautifully crafted loaf with the rift amount of oats, grains, and nuts. I felt it was a strong garlic/dill and perhaps would be nice if it was a little lighter.

Lemon tart:

Lemon custard was nicely sweet and lemony unlike the other ones I’ve had before where they too sweet. Crust isn’t too flaky and although it’s a typical sweet dough, the simpleness of the crust complimented the sourness of the lemon. Pistachios on crust adds a nice texture usage of thicker sugar feels guilt free splendid after taste of dough perhaps a little too big for my stomach but a nice harmony and would recommend for lemon lovers.

$10.60 isn’t too bad for a meal! Definitely would love to try their breads but a nice place to visit.

Mix the Bakery
4430 West 10th Avenue


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