A few weeks ago, I went to Yuji’s on 4th ave because my friend was craving sushi. After a party, we decided to head there and surprisingly it was quiet (but that might be because it was 9 PM).

Maguro Avocado Crepe:

At first the maguro was not evident until the after taste hit. I found that the soft texture of the crepe added a nice “mochi” (or a soft pillowy) feeling to everything. There were two different sauces on the side, one being spicty and the other being a sweeter soy ginger. Although I’m not a huge spice fan, I found the spicinessmet a fine balance as well as added kick to the maguro. Avocado was someone that I tasted the most in this dish and frankly, I like that. I’m a huge avocado lover.


A unique sushi roll with avocado, cucumber unagi (eel) that came wrapped in leaf. The cucumber definitely brings out the sweetness in unagi and also adding a freshness between the “heavier” avocado and fattiness of unagi.  The rice  had a  floral aroma with the right texture (not too soft yet not hard)

Eggplant with miso and cheese:

In New York, there’s a restaurant called Misha’s and they served a similar dish. Even though I was full I had to try this. Basically, a wholesome rich dish with a subtle cheese flavour. The miso was sweet and added to the caramelized edges of the eggplant. Rich in olive oil but not heavy in flavour

Cheese Purin (Cheese/custard Pudding):

Perhaps I had too high of expectations for this dessert and since it’s my favourite part of any meal, you can’t really blame me. I’m a sucker for sugar. This was basically custard with a very very mild hint of cheese. I love cheese as well and expected more of that sort of feeling. As a custard it was great but I don’t think it really meets the name “Cheese Purin”

All in all, the meal costed $25 and I’d say it was a nice experience. A nice place to visit but not a place I would visit too often. The prices are decent but the original dishes are a little much for my pocket.

Yuji’s Japanese Tapas
2059 West 4th Ave
Vancouver  V6J 1N3
Tel:   604-734-4990


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